Vehicle Window Tinting

Window Film come in a wide range of shades and tint levels, it can be selected to meet each customer’s requirements covering glare and heat reduction to security, privacy and safety.


Premium Quality, Variety of Shades

Invisifilm have many years of experience within vehicle window tinting and cater for all types of vehicles.

We offer a variety of shades with different light transmission levels – you can choose from a very light subtle tint to a very dark tint, achieving maximum heat rejection.

Our Invisifilm team are highly experienced with exceptional attention to detail and able to handle all types of vehicles. The colour stable film comes in various shades to suit all vehicles, therefore should a window get broken or vandalised in the future we can replace the film and ensure it blends in perfectly with the original installation.

Please be aware that the law restricts the application of ANY film on the front driver and passenger side windows.

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