Protect Your Vehicle Windscreens Using
Optically-Clear Protection Film – Clearplex

Invisifilm are authorised installers for Clearplex
(The only one based in Cheshire!)

What is ClearPlex™?

ClearPlex™ is the first and only optically-clear protection film for windscreens. This revolutionary patented film is multi-layered and hand-coated to ensure optimum strength and durability, for ultra-effective results on the road. ClearPlex™ is thermally fitted to windscreens, forming an invisible bond with the glass and absorbing the impact of standard road hazards, leaving glass in pristine condition, and passengers safe.

Used and approved by NASA, the only approved screen protection for the International Space Station.

Why choose ClearPlex?

Impact & Scratch Resistant

Designed to take what the road dishes out. Impacts which shatter unprotected glass leave only minimal pin-points on the film, preserving optical clarity. Scratch-resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions such as windscreen wipers.

Reduced Heat, UV and Glare

Features UV stabilisers which help reduce heat and protect against 99.9% of both UVA and UVB harmful rays. Glare is also reduced, making driving an all-round more comfortable experience.

Environmentally Friendly

Avoids the unnecessary pollution of broken windscreen glass in landfills, and provides an environmentally-friendly sound and sustainable solution to windshield protection.


A cost-effective and innovative solution to protect your investment. The ultra-tough protection ClearPlex™ provides reduces unplanned delays and the lost time and inconvenience of having to take vehicle off the road to repair or replace windscreens.

Safety & Protection

The windscreen is responsible for around 20% of a vehicle’s structural integrity and can prevent a vehicle roof from ClearPlex™ helps preserve a windscreen in an accident, protecting the vehicle and occupants.

Benefits of ClearPlex™

ClearPlex™ is an innovative and technologically advanced film, carrying the following benefits:

  • Impact and scratch resistant– designed to take what the road dishes out. Impacts which shatter unprotected glass leave only a minimal mark on the film.
  • Reduced heat, UV and glare – UV stabilisers in the film reduce heat and prolong the life of your interior by protecting from fading. Passengers are protected from 99.9% of both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Reduces glare – Helps reduce glare thanks to its polarised finish, making driving a much more comfortable experience.
  • Improves visibility – Allows for faster run-off of rain, snow and other elements, making your view in poor weather conditions clearer.
  • Provides safety – Protects the vehicle and occupants by absorbing the impact of road hazards and keeping the glass and structural integrity intact, providing peace of mind.
  • Protects vehicle value – Reducing road and accident damage protects the value of your investment.
  • Provides long term protection – Protects the superior original factory-fitted windscreen to avoid future weakening and vulnerability issues caused by windscreen repair or replacement.
  • Economical – Keeps vehicles on the road optimised, helping meet business fleet objectives.
  • Environmentally friendly – Provides a sustainable solution to windshield repair and avoids the unnecessa
  • For morution of broken windscreen glass in landfills.
  • Removable – Can be removed and replaced as necessary to offer continued optimal protection, and comes with a warranty.

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